2-Hours Epic Music | THE POWER OF EPIC MUSIC - Best Of Collection - Vol.4 -

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Brand X Music: itunes.apple.com/us/artist/br...
Dwayne Ford: www.dwaynefordmusic.com/new-r...
David Eman: itunes.apple.com/us/album/atm...
Cézame Trailers - Album 'EXTRAHUMAN': itunes.apple.com/us/album/138...
Cézame Trailers - Album 'CREATION': open.spotify.com/album/7moZU9...
Twelve Titans Music: itunes.apple.com/de/album/id1...
Kings \u0026 Creatures: itunes.apple.com/us/album/tim...
Atom Music Audio: itunes.apple.com/us/album/mec...
Revolt Production Music: itunes.apple.com/us/album/gat...
Position Music - Jo Blankenburg: itunes.apple.com/us/album/cro...
Gothic Storm Music: itunes.apple.com/us/album/13-...


00:00 Brand X Music - Chain Reaction
02:39 Position Music - Jo Blankenburg - Czar
06:06 Cézame Trailers - Lucas Napoleone - Fateful Showdown
08:39 Cézame Trailers - Baptiste Thiry - Oblivion
11:16 Audiomachine - Absolute Magnitude
14:20 Atom Music Audio - Cytokine Storm
16:15 Cézame Trailers - Philippe Briand \u0026 Gabriel Saban - Afterlife
19:06 Revolt Production Music - Wonders of Life
21:24 Position Music - Jo Blankenburg - Oblivion
24:51 Brian Delgado - We are immortals
28:44 Cézame Trailers - Philippe Briand \u0026 Gabriel Saban - Creation
31:36 Kings and Creatures - Talos
34:04 Astromentals - The Awakening
36:23 Brand X Music - Entrada
39:04 Brand X Music - Greed
41:39 Brand X Music - Stop At Nothing
43:57 Revolt Production Music - Indestructible
46:12 Position Music - Jo Blankenburg - Hiraeth
49:10 David Eman - Aftermath II
51:41 Position Music - Shades of the Abyss - Valiant
54:26 Dwayne Ford - Beyond The Darkness
59:29 Revolt Production Music - Champion of the Radiant

01:01:43 Brand X Music - Millenium
01:05:22 Brand X Music - Survivor
01:08:23 Twelve Titans Music - Echo
01:12:04 Cézame Trailers - Philippe Briand \u0026 Gabriel Saban - The Balance of the Universe
01:14:50 Cézame Trailers - Philippe Briand \u0026 Gabriel Saban - Omniverse
01:18:32 Cézame Trailers - Philippe Briand \u0026 Gabriel Saban - Singularity
01:23:03 Position Music - Elite Voids
01:25:39 David Eman - Apollo
01:28:31 Atom Music Audio - Heart and Soul
01:31:05 Kings and Creatures - Storm Bringer
01:34:33 Gothic Storm Music - Hope
01:36:40 Cézame Trailers - Philippe Briand \u0026 Gabriel Saban - Distorted Reality
01:40:05 Twelve Titans Music - Strike The Sky
01:43:19 Revolt Production Music - Luminesce
01:45:41 Cézame Trailers - Philippe Briand \u0026 Gabriel Saban - Stellaris
01:48:53 David Eman - Ascension (remastered)
01:52:03 Brand X Music - Oscillate
01:55:31 Dwayne Ford - American Epic (Remastered)
01:59:32 David Eman - Traces of Life


Picture by Ömer Tunç

Picture by Nikolai Karelin
Picture by Markus "Braxxy" Brackelmann

Picture by Dylan Kowalski

(Animation / VFX created by me Pandora Journey)


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