Angelina Jolie: In The Bag | Episode 44 | British Vogue

If Angelina Jolie had opened up her “big mom bag” for episode 44 of British Vogue’s ‘In The Bag’ series, we would have seen “snacks, phones, books, T-shirts... everything you can imagine”. Instead, the mother-of-six and vintage fashion-lover talked us through the rather more curated contents of her Old Céline handbag, including a pair of Alexander McQueen aviator sunglasses and her favourite face oil. There’s still evidence of everything she juggles as a mother-of-six, though, including allergy remedies for the kids and “chocolate, for mom”. Watch the video to see Angelina’s other everyday essentials.
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Angelina Jolie: In The Bag


  1. British Vogue

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    Who else's bag would you like to see next?

  2. Nicole Zamalloa

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    emma chamberlain

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    @Caelyn Graham yeah

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    @Chaddy Ormillo yeah

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    Kate Winslet

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    Avril lavegine Ana Marie hailee, Lorde, Rita, bebe rexha, ava max, little mix

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    How is this not interesting but feels interesting at the same time.

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    I'm your fan from SOUTH KOREA :)

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    Hard bad death aôoooooô

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    very veautifull. Jolie. everyday I miss you

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    I just love her! She's flawless and real her!

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    God Of Beauty

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    "thank you :) bye :)" i love her


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    WE NEED SO MUCH her skin care routine 🥺


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    Khub bhalo laglo. Excellent. I am Sri Sri Deb Thakur from Calcutta. God bless.

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    That beautiful old Céline clasp bag 🖤

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    Por calcinha aço.

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    this woman is beyond what is considered perfect in this world

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    Usar colete e camisa malha de aço.

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    Nasci na Escandinávia de São Paulo SP.

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    Loveeeee her

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    Eu sou igualzinho meu vô minha mãe nao vai querer me pegar.

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    Minha tia tem um filho igualzinho o Bob Dylan e o Bob Dylan não vai querer casar com ela.

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    Sorry if that wasn’t very interesting 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    La reine n'a rien perdu de sa beauté ... et le chemin vers elle est plus long qu'un voyage lunaire ... Je ne peux pas supporter la durée.

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    she so so so beautiful

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    She’s so pure and pretty

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  33. spongeneutron

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    She's like "chocolate for mom".. not "for me". She loves being a mother. Also I love that she loves chocolates.. why is this so cute to me 😍

  34. •Rachel•

    •Rachel•2 dögum síðan

    So are we all just here being in love with Angie😭

  35. Paul Michel

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    She’s like “what the f*** am I doing?”

  36. yanthi Rumian

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    I don't know why, but i am so so happy to know that there's a little piece of mine inside of her bag too, which is Chocolate! One of my fave inside of my favorite woman. Stay Healthy Angie! 💙💜

  37. Love Light & Happiness

    Love Light & Happiness3 dögum síðan

    The fact she's so gorgeous, genuine, and understated... is beyond interesting to me. I would watch her do anything.

  38. Dejavu Hrithik

    Dejavu Hrithik3 dögum síðan

    So preety my crush since i saw her

  39. Why Do You Even Care?

    Why Do You Even Care?3 dögum síðan

    Plot twist: she had malificent's wings in her bag so, she couldn't carry more stuff cause they're hella big

  40. Girlie Saulo

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    Date is March 2 and keep watching again and again this " what's in my bag by Angie, really so interesting in everything about her...

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    How are you my love

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  43. Aamna Here

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    Shes so stunningly beautiful but it's so refreshing to see how down to earth and kind she is. I am so inspired by her honesty and fearlessness as well as the amazing work she has done. Every time she laughs, her kindness shines through. On a side note, I want to thank her because she came to my country a few years back when we suffered from the worst floods we've ever had. My respect for her grew so much when she treated us with a lot of dignity and respect and not like props to sell a manipulated image that showcased her as a white saviour that Hollywood does tend to do unfortunately. She donated a lot of money to help alleviate the crisis but the biggest impact she had was in the way she treated us as equal human beings, not as mere stereotypes. For that, I'll be eternally grateful to Angelina.

  44. Angelina Joli

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    Thanks you all


    ÇÀBÅ ÇÄBÅ4 dögum síðan


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    I love Angelina Jolie 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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    im a month late but gosh shes so pretty and funny

  48. Pollution Vegetable

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    does anyone know where the bag and wallet are from

  49. dmac Tyler

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    I think the bag is a Celine and the wallet a LV.

  50. fredddo6

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    Quel plaisir de vous voir Angelina, vous nous manquez tellement ! Votre voix douce et votre sourire, qui n'est pas maléfique, sont la lumière qui nous fait défaut en cette période tourmentée. Vous êtes toujours dans nos cœurs !!! Deux petits Français qui vous aiment !

  51. SandraT

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    I think she was a bit embarassed for shooting this

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    nobody: me: *scrolling thru comment section* “yes!!” “so true!!” “agree” “ikr” “indeed” i mean, she’s my forever girl crush

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    She was my idol she's my idol she'll be my idol♥️♥️♥️♥️

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    I would like to see what’s in Jennifer Lawrence ‘s bag

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    Yea she’d get it

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    She doesn't need anything to be beautiful. Her existence is naturally beautiful

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    its feb 1st and masks are still mandated. but I'm with you angelina.

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    what kind of chocolate? queen tell meee

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    So cute 🥰

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    Dear God, please let me be born with that face in my next life

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    You are so Beautiful!!! I Like You So Much!!

  68. Aqel 000

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    What I like about this video is that her personality is way more entertaining than bag itself

  69. himura haibara

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    Smart gracious beautiful lady What would it be if johnny depp was with angelina jolie?

  70. Ondrej Hronec

    Ondrej Hronec5 dögum síðan

    Oh man... This Angelina Jolie... She's sooo gorgeous in so many ways. And she's humble! I could watch her just talking about making pancakes and I would find it entertaining. She's really what her name means: beautiful angel 😇

  71. Pouline Reyes

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    ..i totally fucos of her face😘❤️

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  78. James DeMasi

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    I love Angelina more in real life, everyday woman, all MOM filled with love for her children, gosh she has it.

  79. James DeMasi

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    @Angelina Jolie Ok I got it. You want to talk by phone rather than writing? See the thing is my voice has always been a woman's voice and my writing is easier, OK?

  80. James DeMasi

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    @Angelina Jolie More privately? The only private conversations I have is with my husband Ted.

  81. Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie2 dögum síðan

    @James DeMasi send me your email address let talk privately on hangout

  82. James DeMasi

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    @Angelina Jolie Ya sure.

  83. Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie2 dögum síðan

    Hey how're you doing.. It's my pleasure to write to you this day... Can we talk more privately

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  94. thatswhatsup0493

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  95. Danielle V

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    oh yeah and her smile is the most magical thing ever

  96. Angelina Jolie

    Angelina Jolie2 dögum síðan

    Hey how're you doing.. It's my pleasure to write to you this day... Can we talk more privately

  97. Danielle V

    Danielle V8 dögum síðan

    love her a ton. She looks so happy and healthy these days and it makes me so so happy

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    Omg shes so gorgeous. Its crazy to think shes just like us. Except she has talent. Shes my idol. If I was the camera man the whole video would be shaking

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    You need an iq test.

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    So interesting refreshing and beautiful.

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    She was so awkward and lovely showing her stuff 😂

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    Natalia García8 dögum síðan

    I love it! simple and elegant, how it should be. x

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    She's sooooo pretty

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    She has uniquely striking features and a grounded personality. Really sets her apart from the rest! 😍😍😍

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