2-Hours Epic Music | THE POWER OF EPIC MUSIC - Best Of Collection - Vol.5 - 2019

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It is time for another 2-Hour Epic Music Mix. So far 2019 has been one amazing year for the orchestral epic music genre and i cannot wait for more. Also included a few tracks which released late 2018.


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00:00 Ninja Tracks - Darkness Awaits - Erick Devore
02:25 Ninja Tracks - Infinite Climb - Erick Devore
05:20 Atom Music Audio - Tidal Wave - Randall Jermaine
08:49 Cézame Trailers - Veiled Empire (Gabriel Saban - Philippe Briand)
11:56 Atom Music Audio - Red Moon - Lisa Van Hal
15:06 Ninja Tracks - Master's Orders - Ali Soleimani Noori
17:47 Atom Music Audio - Your Destiny - Craig Meier
21:42 David Eman - Creation Of Life
24:47 Eternal Eclipse - Oathkeeper - Thomas-Adam Habuda
27:18 Eternal Eclipse - Twilight Huntress - Piotr Musial
29:36 End of Silence - Divebomb - David Chappell
33:33 End of Silence From - From Hell To Glory - David Chappell
36:07 Gothic Storm Music - Dragon Lands Hybrid - Lukasz Ledzki - Piotr Musial
38:12 Ninja Tracks - Uprising - Ali Soleimani Noori
40:46 Atom Music Audio - Wake Up in Space - Iavor Pachovski
43:39 Riptide Music - Heroica
46:04 End of silence - Polaris (feat. Kamila Nývltová) - David Chappell
50:52 Eternal Eclipse - Chosen One - Thomas-Adam Habuda
53:15 Ninja Tracks - Celestials - Erick Devore
55:39 Brian Delgado - Glaubenskrieg
59:30 Roman Heuser - Requiem Of Souls

01:02:38 Cézame Trailers - State of War (Gabriel Saban - Philippe Briand)
01:05:04 Ninja Tracks - Efflorescence - Erick Devore
01:08:33 End of Silence - Blood Moon (feat. Alexa Ray) - David Chappell
01:15:42 Berend Salverda - Duality
01:26:14 Position Music - Yohann Zveig - Stellar Battle
01:28:41 Atom Music Audio - Star Burst - Randall Jermaine
01:31:48 Gothic Storm Music - Mech Lives Matter - Chris Haigh ( isboth.info/chart/_3z... )
01:34:18 Riptide Music - Entombed In Light
01:36:33 Ninja Tracks - Unbounded - Erick Devore
01:39:28 Brian Pharai - Warbird
01:42:52 Jo Blankenburg - The Crescent Moon Chronicles -
01:45:46 Atom Music Audio - Infernus
01:48:23 Eternal Eclipse - Unchained - Cedric Baravaglio
01:50:59 Yohann Zveig - Position Music - Black Feather
01:53:48 Brian Pharai - Premonition
01:56:51 Mitchell Broom - Event Horizon
01:59:55 Trevor DeMaere - Neon Bloom

Artwork by Jerome C. - Pyrogas-Artwork

'Behold the King' www.artstation.com/artwork/lYgQz

(Animation / VFX created by me Pandora Journey)
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  1. Xtreme Nation

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    Every single one would be good for an avengers trailer tho

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    im working out rn and i feel like im training to be a demon slayer

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    7:32 It's a music for trailer

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    I know that this sounds sad. but I like to play with kinetic sand and pretend that there are world changing fortnite events. :0

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    This is the music that plays in my head during a Math test. I chuckle and close my eyes. I reopen them feeling them spark. I feel power surging through my body. I can do anything right now. I pick up my sword (my pencil) and run at my enemy. "Charge!" I yell. My legs (heart) are pumping faster than ever. I swing my sword around killing every monster (question) I see. They fall to the ground, helpless and writhing. I don't care. I finish. Panting hard, I turn around. I walk slowly across the battlefield (classroom) and set my shield (test) on the floor (teacher's desk). When my shield returns, it is marked with an 100 drawn from blood (red marker). I yell in triumph.

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    your music is the bomb

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    YOU KNOW THIS! we are all doomed.

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    I hate 2019 becasue it was an unluckiest year

  32. Yusufbek Coolman

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    These are like a Marvel movie trailer . Especially first one . Or any other media’s trailer . Mad respect for this guy for finding and compilating this . Going to listen whole thing

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    "And he goes, with a new fire in his heart, to the center of the tree, the giant tree. From his clothes he creates wings and with this wings he goes as fast as the wind. Into the tree he goes, up he goes; nobody stops the sorcerer, no guard can keep up with his velocity. He is now at the top floor, and in front of his eyes are two giant doors." Not bad to read listening to this epic musics.

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  43. Ansam Abed al rahman

    Ansam Abed al rahmanMánuði síðan

    Do not listen to this music.I have listened to this and i have become ill. Dont sleep with this.

  44. Ineedwaughter

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    So Great!My friend and I Played minecraft while this was playing and we pretended we were in a Film.Funniest shit ever

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    i was newsing your music on the EPIC game i was playing/BEST thing ever/thanks bye!

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    I read to this, fantasy and sci fi, makes me feel like a child again, beautiful

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    Through action,a man becomes a hero. Through death,a hero becomes a legend. Through time,a legend becomes a Myth. And by learning from the Myth,a man takes action.

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    "So many untold stories. So many years yet to explore. So much history yet to uncover. And so little time for you, Human." The god of Stories spoke from his seat. "You have come all this way, but not without reason. Tell me what you wish to know." He commanded, his voice echoing through the walls of his empty throne room. "I wish to see. Show me what you have seen. The stories on these walls. They tell the only tales that can make all this make sense. I need to know." The traveler answered, his face still covered in sweat from the long climb up the mountain. The god slowly rose up from his seat and nodded, folding his arms on his back as he walked over to one of the crystal windows. "I will tell you three stories. Three stories of unsung heroes. Heroes of human kind, whose names never reached your history books. They will contain the answers you seek, but you must be willing to see. To feel. To listen. And to read." The diety said as he turned to the traveler, reaching his hands out to the human, a book with a hard leather cover in his palms. "Read the texts, and you will see what I have seen." The god commanded. The traveler wasted no time. He wanted his answers. He took the book, and he started to see.

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