Minecraft, But When I Take Damage, I Get Shocked...

Minecraft, But When I Take Damage, I Get Shocked... This was really really painful, every time I took damage I got shocked!

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This is a Minecraft 1.16 challenge where if I take damage in Minecraft, I get shocked in real life! This was super intense because if I got hit by a mob in game or took any damage I would experience pain in real life! I am really happy my friends were there to help me through the challenge and this was really a lot of fun!


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    Channel: SapnapLIVE Live-streams: nonexistent Sapnap: this is fine

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    I love this part Sapnap little screech is so cute 7:41

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    play hyomin fall flat

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    do you mace viteos with dreme

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    dont tak damig

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    im a kid

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    i love you . i lo was woch you

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    if badboyhalo do this he will swear XD

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    I am obsessed with the piglin prayer😂

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    wow this video is shocking

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    The only reason I watched this video is to see Patches!!! LOL !!!

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    It is so much funnier with sapnap

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    Bruh nobody give a fuck that dream a millioner

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    he screamed bannanas

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    Cool sapnap

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    Sapnaps laugh is soo funny and painful in the ears..!

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    That scream when he saw the zombie pigskin is freaking amazing

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    "you just told the bajilionare to give you 1$" *literally lives with him* * i fucked up*

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    I´m so sorry for you Sapnap

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    7:41 I was drinking water when he screamed at the pigman and almost choked to death

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    Not cool for you



    The part where sapnap kill Dream's cardboard is like thinking how to kill him in the manhunt

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    2:59 THAT SCREAM THO WHAT THE HELL you sounded more like girl than I do when I scream OML

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    Oh! Oh! Oh reily!... AUTO PARTS 7:41

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    AHHAHAHA the way they tease sapnap lmao Confirmed dream is a millionaire


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    fun fact- sapnap had a beacon eith resistence 2 in his house

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    Out of my two friends and I, the youngest of the group is like George the other friend is like Sapnap and I am like Dream. I asked my friend this and she said she agreed with me.

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    Is it just me or anyone hearing badboyhalo's evil giggles

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    Watch Anthony Shah

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    This is the first sapnap video I've watched that has facecam and honestly it went great LOL

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    I think badboy halo should try this he would probably cuss finally - btw the fact your smile droped when you Realized dream your best friend was a millionaire I laughed so hard but felt so bad - haha😂

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    Imagine if he fell on the lava

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    When sapnap finally uploads he does a video dream and goggy already did like a year ago nice going

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    Ah yes 16:35 of sapnap screaming

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    this so weird this is so hurt much kinda i don’t like that

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    7:42 me when i see my mom coming back from th school meeting

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    Your so cute

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    Bad and Dream were the most supportive to sapnap the whole time. The rest of them just want him to suffer :(

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    :sapnap ahhhhhh! :me lol die

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    i didn't know sapnap was able to scream that high-

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    3:29 my reset button

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    7:40 omg that scream- I thought it was my brother screaming 🤣

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    14:18 ...Now the interstate is paved with meeeemmooorrriiieeessss

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    7:42 for scream of pigman

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    Hey man. I just wanna say. If you get any hate. ANY. Don't worry. Your perfectly fine and we all love you. You are my favorite ISbothr and I would hate to see you fall for the haters' traps.

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    pain all i know is pain

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    I subscribe this for a week I love this video ❤️🧡💛.

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    When it was me I'm cry. That really hurt.

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    7:42 his scream lol

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    We gotta admit he got more damage but didn’t care about it as much but he did scream at certain points when he was getting more damage

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    Why there's a red thing in his eye

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    Patches is so cute

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    “you’re an idiot. you just told a bajillionaire to spend $1.”

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    You look like a kid when you scream

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    3:55 Bad saying hi like an angel and then bad: TAKE DAMAGE

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    When the portal is sus

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    i mean you torcherd gorge with ice so i guees its fair

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    It's the screaming lmao

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    The face he made when he remembered dream is "is a rich girl nanananananananannanana" XD. I had to

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    Everyone is just getting torchered by dream lol

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    Alternative title: sapnap screaming to the top of his lungs while his friends laugh like maniacs

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    Creeperrr the hedgoge 3:28 Edit: is so funny

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