Oreo CEO: Stop Making New Oreos

The perfect cookie exists, we can stop now. To see almost 20 minutes of bonus footage of Brennan reacting to Oreo varietals, go to signup.dropout.tv
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  1. CollegeHumor

    CollegeHumorMánuði síðan

    Want 20 minutes of Brennan in character reacting to Oreo varietals? Dropout's got you covered: www.dropout.tv/videos/oreo-ceo-bonus-footage


    OFFICIALGPRIME7 klukkustundum síðan

    this was so worth it, the extra footage is top tier comedy

  3. Tine Resnt

    Tine Resnt3 dögum síðan

    Can Brennan really keep it up for 20 minutes?

  4. Cole Veinot

    Cole Veinot5 dögum síðan


  5. Cole Veinot

    Cole Veinot5 dögum síðan


  6. eyeseer1

    eyeseer15 dögum síðan

    Can you ridicule Nutter Butters and the Girl Scout Cookies industry?

  7. Eleanor Clark

    Eleanor Clark18 mínútum síðan

    my personal favourite is the lady gaga oreos, but because the food colouring is deemed unsafe here in the uk, they’re just normal fucking oreos with lady gaga written in caps lock.

  8. Satevo

    SatevoKlukkustund síðan

    I got an Oreo Blizzard for the first time in 20 years the other day. HOLY SHIT HEAVEN!!

  9. Zane Laker

    Zane Laker2 klukkustundum síðan

    I kinda like the Oreo thins though...

  10. Tiny Snips

    Tiny Snips3 klukkustundum síðan

    Lemon oreos are so good

  11. Alexander Ashton

    Alexander Ashton3 klukkustundum síðan

    Does anyone remember hydrox?

  12. Melissa Labelle

    Melissa Labelle3 klukkustundum síðan

    its funny because they actually sell crushed oreo dust thats a real product

  13. Pinkfluffyant

    Pinkfluffyant3 klukkustundum síðan

    we need more hydrox!

  14. Casey Reviews

    Casey Reviews3 klukkustundum síðan

    It’s the half Kubrick stare for me. Gonna go get me some Oreos...

  15. Club Baby Sealz

    Club Baby Sealz3 klukkustundum síðan

    My favorite one

  16. Ben White

    Ben White5 klukkustundum síðan

    Those Dodecatuple Stuff Oreos are STILL only 140 calories for 2 cookies, which is essentially an entire sleeve of the package.

  17. omelete ‘

    omelete ‘5 klukkustundum síðan

    5:42 that face though

  18. Pierson McMillin

    Pierson McMillin5 klukkustundum síðan

    i would buy just the cookie without the cream. It's honestly better

  19. Justa Dumbasskid

    Justa Dumbasskid7 klukkustundum síðan

    The best part of going to the grocery store is seeing what the madmen at Oreos have cooked up next.

  20. MistaLOD

    MistaLOD7 klukkustundum síðan

    Our store was selling red hot cinnamon Oreo cookies for literally 5¢.

  21. Me-with-Da-bois

    Me-with-Da-bois8 klukkustundum síðan

    for awhile i actually never tried oreo, it wasnt till I tried oreo icecream, still havent had the real one yet

  22. Boris Gleichmann

    Boris Gleichmann8 klukkustundum síðan

    "It has the consistency of an oreo, right?" "Yeah" *A*

  23. David Foster

    David Foster9 klukkustundum síðan

    Fucked up part is a majority of those are actual Oreos.

  24. Edgar Seis

    Edgar Seis10 klukkustundum síðan

    I suddenly got a craving for Oreos 👀

  25. serengazer

    serengazer10 klukkustundum síðan

    He's so right though

  26. The Green Thunder

    The Green Thunder11 klukkustundum síðan

    One could even call him the CEOreo

  27. fatehyabali

    fatehyabali13 klukkustundum síðan


  28. takethebreak

    takethebreak14 klukkustundum síðan

    How about obortion oreo

  29. Jakk Frost

    Jakk Frost17 klukkustundum síðan

    I honestly thought that was Matthew Broderick in the thumbnail! 😲

  30. Chandler Vannoy

    Chandler Vannoy17 klukkustundum síðan

    You are a babbling fool and we have built a temple to madness

  31. undericesinger

    undericesinger17 klukkustundum síðan

    This dude is from the east coast in either Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, or Delaware. Listen to the accent slip in and out.

  32. Ethan Moses

    Ethan Moses20 klukkustundum síðan

    They need a meeting with digestive biscuits. It’s biscuit or biscuit with chocolate. There are no others, there will be no others.

  33. Zurtle Bojangles

    Zurtle Bojangles23 klukkustundum síðan

    I have a million dollar idea for the Oreo company Mr Oreo Ceo, just a Tub of the re part of the oreo.

  34. lullaby 15

    lullaby 15Degi Síðan síðan

    If you don't stop making new oreos I will turn you into a new oreo flavor

  35. Too Much Damn Yogurt

    Too Much Damn YogurtDegi Síðan síðan

    i hope craig had a nice birthday

  36. Michael Meyer

    Michael MeyerDegi Síðan síðan

    You forgot mint Oreos. Disgusting, you feel like brushing your teeth while eating a cookie. Green tea Oreos? Biscuit Oreos started in China. The Chinese were unfamiliar with round cookies but familiar with British biscuits. Oreo company decided to make biscuit-shaped cookies for the Chinese market. Once they got the Chinese customers they kept them by inventing typical Chinese dessert flavors. That is where green tea, wasabi, hot chicken wings, red bean cake, green tea cake, lycee rose cake, spicy pepper pastry, BBQ port pastry, vintage haw, blueberry ice cream, orange & mango duo, and weirder flavors originated.

  37. Tived Nagol

    Tived NagolDegi Síðan síðan

    Not gonna lie, I would totally buy a Dodecatuple Stuf Oreo.

  38. Astral Astrid

    Astral AstridDegi Síðan síðan

    Personal note: 4:52 and 5:54

  39. Mathieu de Bibikoff

    Mathieu de BibikoffDegi Síðan síðan

    ngl, I'd eat that dodecaple stuffed oreo

  40. Sept77

    Sept77Degi Síðan síðan

    Poor Craig, hope he spends some time off with his family.

  41. Colin Vollmer

    Colin VollmerDegi Síðan síðan

    “We done did the good cookie, that everybody like!” he kinda sounded like Borat for a second there

  42. JadedOne420

    JadedOne420Degi Síðan síðan

    There is a strong possibility more people have heard of Oreo's than the Bible. ..they should slow their role before Jesus gets pissed

  43. EclipsedArchon

    EclipsedArchonDegi Síðan síðan

    okay but real shit the Valentine's Day cinnamon oreos were a new level of perfection I never expected to see in my lifetime

  44. Rob Speed

    Rob SpeedDegi Síðan síðan

    Wait. Was there actually an Android Oreo? Because that was the name of Android 15.

  45. Dan H

    Dan HDegi Síðan síðan

    hazelnut Oreos got a box a month ago thinking it was chocolate and still haven't gotten through it.

  46. Connor Cherby

    Connor CherbyDegi Síðan síðan

    This is by far the best comedy sketch on ISboth

  47. DB

    DBDegi Síðan síðan

    Not gonna lie I’ll like to try that inside out Oreo just saying

  48. Len Adams

    Len AdamsDegi Síðan síðan

    Wow. Luca is super serious.

  49. Yolo

    YoloDegi Síðan síðan

    Not to be “that guy” but Africans haven’t had oreos...

  50. Chris Lynch

    Chris LynchDegi Síðan síðan

    This guys a fucking good actor

  51. TinyElectricGremlin

    TinyElectricGremlinDegi Síðan síðan

    What does it say about me that I would unironically enjoy that "Blob O' Creme" Oreo?

  52. Wise Owl

    Wise OwlDegi Síðan síðan

    Thanks CH. I can no longer go to the supermarket without noticing all the bullshit oreo flavours! XD

  53. Kelly Houseknecht

    Kelly HouseknechtDegi Síðan síðan

    Halloween oreos slap. Its the best flavor

  54. Melissa Agawin

    Melissa AgawinDegi Síðan síðan

    "We've worked so hard" "Don't" 😭💀😂😂

  55. Sanuka Tharul

    Sanuka TharulDegi Síðan síðan

    This is the first time I've *ever* seen a CEO actually being logical. Yes, I know that there are logical CEOs out there or else this whole society's money system would crumble to dust. I'm just saying that almost *all* of the CEOs that I have *seen,* like on the internet, not actual outside, cause, well, COVID, but anyways, This is the first time i've actually seen a logical CEO, instead of those money-greedy CEO's that makes ideas that may give them money but makes them lose their customer's respect or intelligence, like for example, Making *cringey-ass advertisements that looks like it came straight from the concentrated goop of Disney ( Looking at you, Nickelodeon ® ) or over-simplyfying an ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICIENT mascot into the most DISGUSTING CREATURE YOU HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!! ( Get the hint, froot loops. ),* so yeah, that's that. No more words. My brain has run out of the 2000+ words in the Oxford dictionary to explain my ideas, either that or all my ideas have drained out. Welp, peace!

  56. CPUGamer101

    CPUGamer101Degi Síðan síðan

    This is the one series I keep watching, this shit is just spot on.

  57. Triet Lam

    Triet Lam2 dögum síðan

    I thought this video was exaggerating things. Until I ran into a “Most Stuf Oreo” package

  58. Carlos Valdes

    Carlos Valdes2 dögum síðan

    Tbh Oreo Thins are the shit

  59. DarkScarlettVixen

    DarkScarlettVixen2 dögum síðan

    That perfectly cut scream had me wheeze-laughing

  60. Matthew Stanley

    Matthew Stanley2 dögum síðan

    “We made the perfect cookie a hundred years ago” *Hydrox has left the chat

  61. TBC_ SpectorX

    TBC_ SpectorX2 dögum síðan

    You really should have done this with sour patch

  62. Junaid Pirzada

    Junaid Pirzada2 dögum síðan

    Some countries dont have oreos

  63. TheHorseFormerlyWithoutAName

    TheHorseFormerlyWithoutAName2 dögum síðan

    You know how we get Oreo to stop making new Oreos? Stop buying new Oreos.

  64. cpltExtras

    cpltExtras2 dögum síðan

    Tell me why i got a oreo thins add before this vid 😂😂

  65. Aiden

    Aiden2 dögum síðan

    I've.. never had an Oreo.

  66. moth man

    moth man2 dögum síðan

    Brennan's angry face is terrifying, I'd hate to be on the receiving end of a genuinely angry brennan

  67. funnymime123

    funnymime1232 dögum síðan

    There was actually an article written about Oreo's strategy and how releasing new flavors actually *increases* sales for the regular flavors.

  68. GrndAdmiralThrawn

    GrndAdmiralThrawn2 dögum síðan

    Strawberry Milkshake Oreos are strawberry flavored cookie with regular cream filling. Strawberry Oreos are chocolate cookie and strawberry flavored cream. Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Oreos are strawberry cookie and chocolate cream.

  69. Eric Cesar Morales

    Eric Cesar Morales2 dögum síðan

    Anyone else have to Google which Oreo varieties are real and which ones are fake? Football Oreos are apparently a thing... 0_0

  70. TheKb051

    TheKb0512 dögum síðan

    ok but cinnabun oreos sound pretty damn good....cream cheese icing in that bad boy?

  71. Diego García Gonzalez

    Diego García Gonzalez2 dögum síðan

    * h e y g u y s i t ' s C r a i g *

  72. AzuraQuin Lilax

    AzuraQuin Lilax2 dögum síðan

    Java chip and mocha cookie crumble. They are not the same Me: you need to explain the difference to me...or I will burn this building down

  73. Infamy Studios

    Infamy Studios2 dögum síðan

    You could sell JARS of JUST STUF That would sell like coke in the 80’s

  74. Holly Huffstutler

    Holly Huffstutler2 dögum síðan

    I assume one of the next ones will be the Coca-Cola CEO asking why they even bother advertising?

  75. justakidplayz

    justakidplayz2 dögum síðan

    I actualy have never eaten an oreo fully i only eat the strawbery thing in the middle of the oreo i do not like chocolate

  76. SemperFidelisTyrannosaurus

    SemperFidelisTyrannosaurus2 dögum síðan

    I think we need a different Oreo for each day of the week. I really want to try the Thursday Oreos because i feel like they would give me just a little bit of hope that the bullshit will be over soon.

  77. SemperFidelisTyrannosaurus

    SemperFidelisTyrannosaurus2 dögum síðan

    I love that Oreo calls their filling “stuff” like even they arent sure exactly what it is.

  78. Dennis Svensson

    Dennis Svensson2 dögum síðan

    Like three years ago oreo didnt even exist in sweden, now there everywhere

  79. Stelaraca

    Stelaraca2 dögum síðan

    I want a *SUPREME* brand oreo

  80. Keller weskier

    Keller weskier2 dögum síðan

    got a point. there doesnt need to be other oreos that taste like normal oreos. and it REALLY does seam like theyre trying too hard. Gluten free, sure, thin? sure. mint, okay. BUT, birthday cake, cupcake, maple, swedish fish, firework, Wasabi, Chicken Wing, Fruit Punch, Candy Corn, Peeps, Watermelon, Kettle Corn, Pina Colada, Cherry Cola, Strawberry Shortcake, Waffles and Syrup, Buttered Popcorn, Creamsicle, Cinnamon Bun, Caramel Coconut, Strawberry Cheesecake, Tiramisu... and so many more oreo flavors. JUST DONT NEED TO EXIST. Some, sure, seasonal things. candy corn isd said to taste like vanilla, maybe Cinnamon bun for winter... BUT WASABI AND PINA COLADA!?

  81. Bhupen Mandal

    Bhupen Mandal3 dögum síðan


  82. Mathew Ajo

    Mathew Ajo3 dögum síðan

    I would eat an inside-out oreo ngl

  83. TheVoidLord

    TheVoidLord3 dögum síðan

    The one time he gets a product that isn't collapsing in on itself, and the company ends up fucking it up anyway

  84. Asiya Khan

    Asiya Khan3 dögum síðan

    Various other variants of Oreo:- Space Oreo, Forest mist Oreo, Cotton candy Oreo, Jam Oreo, Sunset Oreo, Gummy Oreo, Jell-O Oreo, Meringue Oreo, Toothpaste Oreo, Comicbook flavoured Oreo, Oreo Twilight

  85. Jonathan Robinson

    Jonathan Robinson3 dögum síðan

    I was in South Korea and still found Oreo's every where

  86. booyah344

    booyah3443 dögum síðan

    I'll take 50 of everything

  87. Fakerboy93

    Fakerboy933 dögum síðan

    But are the lady gaga oreos ok?

  88. claudio chavez

    claudio chavez3 dögum síðan

    Idk if I’m disabled or what but half of these look good

  89. Fue Vue

    Fue Vue3 dögum síðan

    He wanted to laugh so bad at 2:09

  90. Tarek Baidane

    Tarek Baidane3 dögum síðan

    Is this an ad?

  91. darksoulenvoy

    darksoulenvoy3 dögum síðan

    For the first minute, it legit felt like Brennan was reading the script for the very first time.

  92. Hillyardt 1014

    Hillyardt 10143 dögum síðan

    i hope you guys got sponsored or something because now i really want an oreo

  93. SanicStudios

    SanicStudios3 dögum síðan

    so it doesn't have the consistency of a milkshake? no. AAAAAAAA

  94. LeAndre McCoy

    LeAndre McCoy3 dögum síðan

    What does wifi taste like? 🤔

  95. Wolf Boy Music

    Wolf Boy Music3 dögum síðan

    4:09 Me

  96. Abdulaziz Shiha

    Abdulaziz Shiha3 dögum síðan

    “We work really hard” “Dont...” Can you please be my boss..

  97. king of games and anime

    king of games and anime4 dögum síðan

    Oreo CEO is polar opposite of Venmo CEO. Venmo CEO: So what I am to understand is that once we are “extremely profitable” the company has achieved it’s objective? Well I find that boring. I don’t think that’s cool. Oreo CEO: We done did the good cookie, that EVERYBODY like, and now we get to go home!

  98. Christopher Bronson

    Christopher Bronson4 dögum síðan

    2:54 That's a perfectly cut scream right there

  99. A P

    A P4 dögum síðan

    My absolute favorite moment in these is when Brennan goes from false calm to psychotic screaming

  100. Shadow

    Shadow4 dögum síðan

    I feel bad ever since I heard about Hydrox. It was the original but was over shadowed by the knockoff Oreo that is barely any different. They just had better marketing.

  101. TheCubicalGuy

    TheCubicalGuy4 dögum síðan

    The worst part is that letter dust oreos would be a huge hit because of those recipes that use that dust and not the stuff.

  102. Rusty Blader

    Rusty Blader4 dögum síðan

    What's an Oreo? .-.

  103. ZeldaSnake300

    ZeldaSnake3004 dögum síðan

    Every time I watch this, I want to eat Oreos

  104. Gilbert LeBel

    Gilbert LeBel4 dögum síðan

    Wait that’s not lutz

  105. Zemphul

    Zemphul4 dögum síðan

    7-8 years ago I moved to new York from turkey and I had no idea Oreos even existed while I lived in Turkey