Shotgun Willy x Yung Craka - Oreo (You Already Know)

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Prod. Ox The Moron
You already fucking know bitch, ayy!
[Verse 1: Shotgun Willy]
Got all this paper, I don't go to class
Shorty look good with that double-stuffed ass
Shoe made of gator, so I'll see you later
Ya' boy made the fader, all yo' shit is trash
Uh, she only a five in her face
So her head get a bag, and my time don't get waste
Uh, give me a time and a place
I'm pulling up fast, 'cause my tongue like the taste
Ooh, how do you do that?
Keep my shit wavy, like Durags
Make me your ex-man, like Hugh Jack'
I can't be your boo, I'm a douchebag
Got so much drip, you kids might need a hoodie
Said I'm out here buzzin', but I got a woody
I been in the field, but I feel like a rookie
And I eat that pussy like milk's favorite cookie
[Chorus: Yung Craka]
I fucked these bitches, and I'm fucking all these hoes
I'm eating pussy like it's Oreos
You already know
I fucked these bitches, and I'm fucking all these hoes
I'm eating pussy like it's Oreos
You already know
[Verse 2: Shotgun Willy]
Ayy, you already know
Ayy, pull up in a robe, ayy
Pink as shit, I steal his bitch
She ride me, rodeo, ayy
Water how I flow, ayy
Coke all in my nose, ayy
Stack it quick, I'm getting rich
You see me do-si-do, ayy
Bitch, what do you mean I can't see a titty?
And I'm whipping out my peen in the middle of the city
And I'm rocking Nike, but the fit is looking shitty
I can't hit that bitch, 'cause I just been so busy
She grab, on my dick, and say, "This little piggy"
While out in public they say, "You Shotgun Willy"
Just call me the kid, got a tattoo of Billy
I want my nuts kissed from a bitch hot as chili, huh?
You already know though
Why all these motherfuckers want a photo
Kiss my homies on the mouth, I'm a homo
Pulling up, iced out, feel like Frozone
I been bagging all these bitches, like I'm Frodo
Catch me whippin' out my dick like a yo-yo
And her man is a bum, he a hobo
Matrix in the whip going slow-mo, woah yo', oh no
[Chorus: Yung Craka]
I fucked these bitches and I'm fucking all these hoes
I'm eating pussy like it's Oreos
You already know (Yeah)
I fucked these bitches and I'm fucking all these hoes
I'm eating pussy like it's Oreos
You already know


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  2. Caitlyn Hidalgo

    Caitlyn Hidalgo6 dögum síðan

    This is the best song I ever heard 😅

  3. Jonathan Peak

    Jonathan PeakMánuði síðan

    My cousin let me listen to this he said don't listen to this at home me when I get home goes to yt types oreo

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    FAJRI YULIANTODegi Síðan síðan

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  10. flamesavage10

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    people somehow keep playing this music in aethelbeorn somehow and i kill the cause its bypassed i hate this song btw its not even good idk why people like it.

  11. Jessie Knight

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    Such a happy song

  12. Suggon Deez

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    Shotty out here making crack cocaine lofi.

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  19. Haydn H

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    Yh cause of copyright issues with the original song

  20. CIA

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  21. Matthew Destine

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    For some reason, this song has a nostalgia factor to it. Even if it came out yesterday or something

  35. Colbie Bergeron

    Colbie Bergeron24 dögum síðan

    i dont even remember why it was taken down before. was it because of the sample from bobby's song?

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    Different than the origin. Welcome back Oreo

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    I thought this song was older. It feels like I first heard this song a couple years ago.




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    The picture is the Oreo song up in heaven

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