The Official Formula 1 Season Review 2010 HD

The 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship was the 64th season of FIA Formula One motor racing. Red Bull Racing won its maiden Constructors' Championship with a one-two finish in Brazil, while Red Bull Racing's Sebastian Vettel won the Drivers' Championship after winning the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi. In doing so, Vettel became the youngest World Drivers' Champion in the 61-year history of the championship. Vettel's victory in the championship came after a dramatic season finale at Abu Dhabi where three other drivers could also have won the championship - Vettel's Red Bull Racing teammate Mark Webber, Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and McLaren's Lewis Hamilton.
2010 FIA Formula One
World Championship
Drivers' Champion: Sebastian Vettel
Constructors' Champion: Red Bull-Renault
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Sebastian Vettel wearing a hat
Sebastian Vettel won the first of his four consecutive World Championships, eclipsing Lewis Hamilton as the youngest World Champion in Formula One history.
Fernando Alonso wearing a hat and sunglasses
Fernando Alonso placed second in the Drivers' Championship
Mark Webber wearing sunglasses
Mark Webber, Vettel's teammate, finished third in the Drivers' Championship
This was Bridgestone's final season as the sole tyre supplier in Formula One as the company announced that it would not renew its contract at the end of the season. After several months of deliberation, Pirelli was chosen as the tyre supplier for the 2011 season at the FIA World Motor Sport Council meeting in Geneva, in June 2010.
The points system was changed, with 25 points being awarded for first place, 18 for second, 15 for third, then 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 for fourth to tenth. The technical and sporting regulations applicable for the season were the subject of much debate.
Before the start of the season, 2009 Drivers' Champion Jenson Button joined McLaren, while the 2009 Constructors' Champion, Brawn GP, was bought by German motor vehicle manufacturer Mercedes-Benz and was renamed as Mercedes GP. The 2010 season saw the return of the most successful driver in Formula One history, with seven-time World Champion Michael Schumacher coming out of retirement after a three-year absence since 2007.
The season's first race was held on 14 March in Bahrain and the season concluded on 14 November in the United Arab Emirates after 19 motor races held in 18 countries on five continents.


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    They didn't look the part, but the engine noise is much better. RIP F1.

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    Although being a Ferrari fan, while watching the review I hoped for a win for Vettel to see a glimse of his charming PA Britta.

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    While Ive typically always rooted for Lewis, he so often acts and spunds like a baby on his team radio. Always questioning team desicions and blaming the team for things before the race is even close to being decided. So many times he is telling his guys that they made the wrong call and screwed him over, only for him to finish where the team hoped based on their "terrible" call, with him sometimes even winning. He seems to have mellowed out over the last few years, but he still too often complains about team calls, tires, conditions etc far too much even when he is leading and/or wins..

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    Ábu Dhabi 2010 Qualifying by Seb was on of the greatest Quali laps

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    For me this was the best season I watched. 2012 obviously a very close second. Lucky to have witnessed both

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    Jesus, crazy how close Alonso was to win that title in that shit Car.

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    @REKT F1 Well, if you fighting for the championship its shit to have 4 cars in the grid faster than yours ^^

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    Ferrari that year was 3rd faster car that car is not a shit

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    Jessica michibata jenson former wife

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    I still can't believe how entitled Alonso is. Believing that Petrov has an obligation to let him pass. He's not his teammate, he shouldn't pick a side between him and Vettel, they should fight and they did, Petrov won.

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    Watching this till Hockenheim ring , no team over dominated . 3 main teams all got wins Mclaren,Ferrari and Red bull.

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    One of the best seasons in history, came down to very wire.

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    2010. 4 way battle on the final race... and before Brazil it was 5 2020. a driver won WDC 2-3 races before end season, even the trends is predictable for 2021..

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    I'm not a Hamilton fan but that was bullshit in Turkey. He was told to slow down, that Button was doing the same and confirmed that Button would NOT pass him if he slowed down, then Jenson goes to pass him and the team did nothing.

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    Vettel is the all times best F1 driver, then there are Senna and Schumacher.

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    3rd place in the title? Led the championship for most of the year? Not bad for a number 2 driver. He definitely would’ve won the title had he not binned his car in Valencia and Korea.

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    OK, Alguersuari getting pulled over for driving a scooter without a license was priceless.

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    Probably because of copyright issues

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    What a season 5 driver fight it out in a season of the century Lots of drama in 16 races of the Season & Seb got it in the final Petrov hold Webber & Alonso up to get Seb the title of his life Hulk got his debut with Williams & get his first ever pole by nearly 0.0001 sec or Something like that so H44 got his home podium & Alonso Finish 2 at home so Seb got his home track podium & Pole So the Ferrari team order Message goes into the history of F1 & Horner say his Mega first German words he call seb that he wins the title & be the Youngest ever F1 champ today Mega Season Incredible

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    2:28 Alonso, the perfect troll

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    10 and 12 the best season of f1. 2013-2025 gonna be cursed af.

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    I've been searching for 2010 highlights all around. And now thanks to you, i have a whole 3 hours to watch!! Thanks aloot palinho!! P.S Just finished 2005 and 2006 season, and straight onto 2010 because it was banger of a season!

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    @Dragos Andronic agreed but 2009 turned out to be little bit monotonous

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    2007 and 2008 are absolutely fantastic aswell and 2009 wasn't too bad either

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    It's kinda impressive that Vettel never led the championship until he got the title in the final race!

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    @CrimePhoenix 27 stupid rule the top 10 it would give back markes hope for a point.

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    @Lasse Reden Yeah, i know... The points system sometimes get very confusing, especially now that we have points for the fastest lap, but only if you are in the top 10 on top of it all!

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    @CrimePhoenix 27 So much to learn

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    @Lasse Reden Again, not true. Even if they were equal at 78 points now, If the championship had stopped after Monaco, Webber would have been champion, as he had 2 wins to Vettels 1 at that point... So techically, Vettel still wasn't leading at this point either

  69. Lasse Reden

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    Vettel and Webber led with 78 each after Monaco GP

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    2:30 nobody tells fernando what to do

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    1:37:48 Crazy as he was talking about the senna fatality Jules walks behind him. Both Legends

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    felipe:... smedly: alright boy now we just need you to hold the sidepod with your right hand yeh now just hold the sidepod ok just hold the sidepod for the rest of the race good boy

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    I remember this season like it was yesterday. Crazy how 10 years flies by... well done mate 💪🏾🔥

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    @Dylan Dog no he didn't. Vettel started on pole but finished 4th in Bahrain. Alonso won the race

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    @Tom Bardsley he won the first race... He obviously led the championship right at the start

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    @Tom Bardsley yep vettel is amazing for me btw 2010 is my first year that i watch f1 full time

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    @REKT F1 yet they think vettel can't handle pressure. When the guy had almost an impossible task of winning the title with how far back points wise he was. He did not crack and he won it despite not leading the championship at any point

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    @Tom Bardsley he can't handle the pressure

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    2010 to 2013 last 4 years of V8 era domination belongs to Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Renault when he turned into worst performance in 2014 hybrid era V6 turbo Charged rule

  84. Tom Bardsley

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    Weren’t that dominant . Vettel had fight hard for 2010 and 2012 where the red bull wasn’t the out and out fastest car

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    2:24:02 Lewis had a bit of lag

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    sad foreshadow :[

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    My second favourite F1 season! Absolutely loved it. Still do!

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    @M Pa same👌

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    2003, 2010 and 2012 were great seasons for me. Love when there are multiple contenders for the Championship.

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    How Vettel won the championship i will never understand

  98. Tom Bardsley

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    Was consistent and didn’t buckle under pressure when it mattered at the end. Also had 3 wins taken away due to reliability issues , 2 of which were inherited by Alonso

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    ah 2010 team "can't make a servoguide" lotus virgin "wait what do you mean no refueling?" racing HRT or " our car produce more downforce while standing still than at 300 kmh" a great year.

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    Pls can you do 2012

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    *Fernando Is Faster Than You* Brazilians: Dont do it. *Alonso wins* Brazilians: DAMMIT *Abu Dhabi GP* Renault: Vitaly,Fernando is faster than you Petrov: Who? *Alonso loses the championship for got stuck behind Petrov* Brazilians: KARMA (Yes,im brazilian.Alonso can be a good driver but if hes fast he can pass on the track,not with team orders! Theres a vídeo here on YT where brazilian crowd called him: idiot,after german grand prix in that year,so yeah i know what im saying).

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    I wondered that, but if you look at where they are I don't think they are on purpose. My guess is this has been taken from a scratched DVD.

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    2010: Fernando Alonso's debut in Ferrari! 2021: Carlos Sainz Jr's debut in Ferrari! 2010: Michael Schumacher is back in F1! 2021: Michael Schumacher's son Mick in F1!

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    Fernando Alonso back in F1!(like Schumacher had an injury, Fernando also had one) Also the previous season a young RB driver won the Abu Dhabi GP

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